Want To Build The Next Silicon Valley? Canada Can Help

Every politician’s dream is spawning the next Silicon Valley: a never-ending cornucopia of jobs, growth, and tax revenue flowing from a dominant position on the high-tech landscape. New Jersey’s governor Phil Murphy thinks he can duplicate California’s success in the Garden State by auctioning off $300 million worth of tax credits to the highest high-tech bidders, in hopes this will tempt venture capital to New Jersey, with the state “co-investing’ in the startups they create.

But there may be a better, surer way to give New Jersey or Indiana or South Carolina, the jump on the next high-tech opportunity. That’s quantum information science and technology—the technology that will dominate the rest of the 21st century. Look no further than Canada, where the national government and the provincial government of Ontario joined forces 18 years ago with Mike Lazaridis, co-founder of Blackberry, to launch Quantum Valley (QV), the Waterloo, Ontario—based research constellation that’s turning Canada into a global quantum leader.