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Nick Werstiuk speaks at Inside Quantum Technology Montreal

Inside Quantum Technology (IQT) is the leading conference and exhibition organization covering quantum computing and technology worldwide. IQT events are “focused” and ensure deep coverage over three days instead of attempting to cover diverse topics which lack depth. The first event was produced in Boston in March 2019.

Nick Werstiuk is the Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Valley Ideas Lab, leading the strategy and growth of the applied quantum research lab based in Waterloo, Canada. Prior to joining Ideas Lab in 2020, Mr. Werstiuk was Director of AI Offerings at IBM, where he led an AI product portfolio and IBM Spectrum Computing, driving a large portfolio of products in HPC, AI, and Cloud-based services.

His broad expertise, across a range of company sizes and stages from start-up to large multi-national, includes product management, development, corporate strategy, and identifying growth markets to drive research towards commercial success. In addition to driving product innovation, he played a leadership role in the acquisition of Platform Computing by IBM.

Mr. Werstiuk graduated with Honours from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering.