In determining which projects to support, Ideas Lab is driven by its vision to unlock the real-world potential of transformative quantum technologies. Crucial to a successful project is the development of a focused effort that brings together top scientists, engineers, and business leaders with specific and compelling technology objectives.

What makes a project compelling?

Societal value and market opportunity.
Is there a commercial market for the technology? Although we have no single industry focus, we do recognize that certain industries tend to adopt new technologies earlier. With this in mind, communications technology, medical and health industries, and security are natural focus areas.

Reasonable development path.
New technologies are, by their nature, imbued with a risk that they may not be developed to the point of commercialization. To minimize this risk, extensive due diligence is done – leveraging the Quantum Valley’s facilities and equipment as part of the decision analysis.

Commitment of researchers and developers.
Although we have a strong core of quantum researchers in the Quantum Valley, a key goal is to further expand the expertise here. Ideal candidates lead projects that attract and incentivize others to come to Quantum Valley.

“The second quantum revolution is now unfolding worldwide, bringing transformative advances to science and industry.”

– European Union Commission, 2016