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Ideas Lab is an independent, charitably registered non-profit research institute. In determining which projects to support, we are driven by our vision to unlock the real-world potential of transformative quantum technologies. Crucial to a successful project is the focused development that brings together top scientists, engineers, and business leaders with specific and compelling technology objectives.


Crossing the Valleys of Death

The process of taking technologies from invention to successful commercialization presents multiple challenges, or so-called “valleys of death”. At Ideas Lab, we focus primarily on the first of these valleys by bridging the technological readiness gap. This involves developing an idea through to a commercialization-ready prototype which can be demonstrated in relevant environments. To support a smooth transition to downstream collaborators, we are always mindful of the need for commercial readiness. We gauge this through extensive market research, and by working with collaborators to prepare for productization. Finally, planning for future supply chain and fabrication considerations is crucial for ensuring manufacturing readiness that will enable scalability.

A series of hills, labelled “search”, “idea”, “prototype”, “product”, and “scale”. QVIL bridges the gap between lab and prototype, while its startups bridge prototype, product, and scale.
unlock the real-world potential

What Makes a Project Compelling?

Venn diagram with opportunity, technology, and people intersecting at QVIL.

Societal Value and Market Opportunity

Is there a commercial market for the technology? Although we have no single industry focus, we do recognize that certain industries tend to adopt new technologies earlier. With this in mind, communications technology, medical and health industries, and security are natural focus areas.

Reasonable Development Path

New technologies are, by their nature, imbued with a risk that they may not be developed to the point of commercialization. To minimize this risk, extensive due diligence is done – leveraging the Quantum Valley’s facilities and equipment as part of the decision analysis.

Commitment of Researchers and Developers

Although we have a strong core of quantum researchers in the Quantum Valley, a key goal is to further expand the expertise here. Ideal candidates lead projects that attract and incentivize others to come to Quantum Valley.

from ideation to application

Our Process

We operate a diversity of laboratories and in-house fabrication facilities dedicated to inventing, designing, building, and testing state-of-the-art quantum technologies. This enables Ideas Lab to innovate from ideation to through to application. Our projects range from lab-based experiments and technology demonstrations, through to proof-of-concepts, prototypes, and intellectual property that we exit for commercialization through licensing, either to existing industry or through the creation of new ventures.



Fundamental research



Lab bench-scale experiments



Off-bench proof of concept / prototype



In house / external validation of minimally viable product (MVP)



Publications, conferences, commercialization via licensing, startup creation

researchers from around the world

The Ideas Lab Team

To undertake such highly interdisciplinary challenges at the intersection of advanced optics, electronics, and programming, Ideas Lab assembles teams of researchers from around the world who possess the necessary diversity of skillsets and experiences. We also collaborate with some of the world’s most accomplished academic, non-profit, and private sector research-focused organizations who share our vision for the potential of quantum technology.

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World map

Mexico, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Iran, China, India, Australia


Canada, USA, Germany

collaborations around the globe

Our Supporters

Ideas Lab is a hub of innovation at the centre of multiple collaborations that extend around the globe. Our supporters include government funding, defence sector agencies, universities, and multinational businesses.

Academic Collaborators

Defence Collaborators

Private Sector